Yes, I am running for WCNO Board

The Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization has been through a whole heap of changes over the last year. This is the second election cycle for board members we’ve been through in the four short months we’ve lived in Webber-Camden. I want to be a voice for stability for the board, while being a force for joy in my community. If you are a resident of Webber-Camden and can attend the election on February 7th, I hope to earn your vote.

Allow me to tame the elephant in the room- we’re new here.

My wife, our daughter, and I moved to Webber-Camden in North Minneapolis in October 2018. Before then, we lived in Anoka for most of our lives. Over the decades we lived in Anoka, we pined for something that builds community the way the Neighborhood Organizations and Associations do in Minneapolis. As a queer family, we struggled to find our place in that community. When the City of Anoka purchased our home and demolished it for a road construction project, we knew we had to find a community that would care about families like ours.

We’ve found our community, and we want to make it stronger.

I’ve been focused on building new communication strategies as co-chair of the new WCNO Communications and Outreach Committee. I think we’re getting good work done so far, and more work will be done in the coming months. As a board member, I would be well positioned to further this work and lead the charge toward having a 21st century neighborhood organization. I’ve managed complex projects, both for Anoka County and the State of Minnesota- I’m well suited to building compromise between stakeholders.

In addition, I believe that at this time, my “newbie” status is an asset to this board. We’ve had a lot of turnover on this board, with some former board members having rather vocal opinions on a variety of topics. As a new resident, I am in the best possible place to listen to voices without any preconceptions- I have no loyalties to anyone aside from the community itself.

Because I take everything very seriously, and I try not to skimp on details, I’ve even come up with a “platform” of issues I’d like to suggest to this board as a member:

  • A comprehensive social media policy should be created for WCNO social media assets. This should include amending the WCNO bylaws to reflect 21st century communication strategies.
  • We need to reach residents and businesses in ways beyond Facebook. Print media is just as important as social media, especially for those of us who lack access to technology.
  • We must publish regular reports regarding WCNO activity on our website, including financial reports, in order to build trust between the board and the community.
  • WCNO should prioritize marketing our loans and grants for housing, but soon after that, should engage in a comprehensive youth outreach strategy.
  • Our neighborhood has renters in addition to homeowners. We must make sure we listen to the needs of both communities, as well as the local businesses – current and future – in our neighborhood.
  • We should coordinate with other neighborhood organizations to respond to proposed changes in how our community outreach programs are managed.

Bottom line: I know I’m new, but I think I’d be an asset to Webber-Camden as a board member. I hope that my community sees fit to elect me to the WCNO board at 6:30 PM on February 7th. Please let me know if you have any questions!